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“Campisi is something else...  On her debut album she attemps something fairly daring: singing against a stark background of electric bass and drums. Fortunately, Campisi pulls it off, thanks to her sweet-toned, sturdy voice, precise pitch, lilting delivery and first-rate support from two duos.”

Allen Morrison ~ DOWNBEAT 


Read Double Mirror's liner notes

and original lyrics!

Morningside Official Video (from Double Mirror, 2017) ~ by Simone Campisi


“Campisi is a good tune writer, finding attractive melodies which she then sets to unusual rhythms… she has a great sense of style. She uses her voice like an instrument, moving it around the beat in a manner similar to Sheila Jordan… an extremely interesting debut disc!”  

(Lynn Rene Bayley, The Art Music Lounge)

"A rising, important part of the Italian jazz scene in New York.”  (Chris Spector, Midwest Record)

“Campisi’s style is unique and recognizable… I’m enchanted with the World Music arrangements and her sparkling, crystal clean vocals that tinkle and spray the room with improvised sounds and lyrical stories… You can hear Campisi’s extraordinary ability to change the familiar into the unexpected.”  (Dee Dee McNeil, Musical Memoirs)

“Laura’s lightly youthful vocal sound is very pleasing, yet there is also an underlying maturity in her understanding of the lyrics she interprets… A very interesting singer whose work will have international appeal.”  (Bruce Crowther, JazzMostly)


"Great collection of beautifully orchestrated songs. This music will take you on a fantastic journey of emotional landscapes. Laura's captivating voice will stir your senses in more ways than you can ever imagine."  (Marcello Pellitteri, drummer)

"This beautiful debut recording is a journey into the playful, soulful and ultimately joyful world of Laura Campisi. In addition to the wide stylistic range exhibited by her and the other musicians on the album, there's the spirit of daring to honestly show yourself, and a sense of take it or leave it; personally I would do the first one."  (Matt Penman, bassist)

"Laura sings with a depth of passion, and maturity that bring the music alive.”

(Vincent Herring, sax on “Al risveglio”)

"This project is ambitious for the sonic personality of its particular instrumentation. Laura's voice filled it with solvency and emotion. We had a very nice time recording it, experimenting and trying different approaches, both technically and musically. Laura is a tremendous singer and a tireless searcher. Every performance was built and sculpted to the top. The mixing was incredibly fluid and creative, with the right feedback from the artist and the producer. We enjoyed it so much!!!”  (Ari Lavigna, Double Mirror mixing engineer)

"Laura Campisi brings a fresh, playful, and modern approach to the jazz canon. It was a pleasure to add my voice to this recording."  (Zach Brock, violin on “Love for Sale”)

“Working in this album has been surprisingly attractive because the songs, the arrangements and the vocal performance are anything but ordinary. I especially enjoyed the way that Laura plays with her voice and how the band seems to be built around her. It´s a very rewarding listening experience!”  (Andres Mayo, Double Mirror mastering engineer)

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