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Jazz Singer & Songwriter

Campisi is something else... 

On her debut album she attemps something fairly daring:
singing against a stark background of electric bass and drums. Fortunately, Campisi pulls it off, thanks to her sweet-toned, sturdy voice, precise pitch, lilting delivery and firstrate support from two duos

Allen Morrison ~ DOWNBEAT 

Laura Campisi is a unique, new voice on the jazz scene. She's an award-winning songwriter and jazz singer with a warm voice full of colors. Her music is firmly rooted in the Jazz tradition, but her original songs and her singular versions of jazz standards create a world that is both unique and universal.

​Laura has performed at many prestigious jazz clubs and cultural venues in NYC such as Birdland, The Kitano, Zinc Bar, Bar Next Door, Cornelia Street Cafe, New York University, Westchester Italian Cultural Center and the Italian American Museum, among others.


DOUBLE MIRROR, the debut CD by vocalist and songwriter Laura Campisi, is an introspective and innovative exploration of the complex inner life of the artist. Campisi was born and raised in Palermo, Sicily but has been living in New York City for several years. DOUBLE MIRROR is an examination of how an artist stays true to herself while forging an identity from the grist of two very different cultures. 

Campisi wrote seven of the 13 tracks, with the rest of the album comprising songs from the Great American Songbook and pop tunes by Björk, Lou Reed, and Jeff Buckley. Campisi’s music is genre-bending because her influences are many. She’s performed with various musical ensembles throughout Europe and America, playing jazz and folk. She’s also an expert in the Sicilian musical tradition. 

Campisi wanted the CD to reflect her new life in the U.S., so she opted to use a double rhythm section, one American and the other Italian. A roster of stellar players from Italy, Buenos Aires and New York add rich textures to several of the tunes. The music that emerges is very appealing yet complex and gratifying.


Laura Campisi   vocals

Ameen Saleem  double bass

Gianluca Renzi   electric bass

Greg Hutchinson  drums

Flavio Li Vigni  drums  


Special Guests

Zach Brock  violin (tracks 2)

Giovanni Falzone  trumpet (track 3)

Jonathan Scales  steel pan (track 5)

Martin Pantyrer  baritone sax (track 9)

Vincent Herring  alto sax (track 12)

Emilio D. Miler   Life-threatening percussion (track 13)

Produced by Laura Campisi and Emilio D. Miler

Executive Producers: Laura Campisi, Cettina Giaconia and B.P.S. Best Performing Studio Srl


Recorded by Tom Tedesco at Tedesco Studios (Paramus, NJ) in November 2012, and by Ari Lavigna at Mawi Road (Escobar, Argentina) in June 2016.
Mixing: Ari Lavigna at Nómade Mix in Buenos Aires, Argentina (June-July 2016)

Mastering: Andrés Mayo at Andrés Mayo Mastering, Florida, Argentina (August 2016)

Watch Laura perform live at Kitano Jazz Club (NYC)

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Laura's first official video from Double Mirror

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and lyrics!

Publicity Photos

Read and download the onesheet  for Double Mirror.


(917) 348-2852

“Laura Campisi is an unique singer with an eclectic approach to music. She achieves a lot with creative use of bass and drums and a wide imagination. Her music is gorgeous, energetic and daring. She deserves a wide hearing.” Jerome Wilson, All About Jazz

“She sounds like a 21st Century version of Ricki Lee Jones or Joni Mitchell… her unique approach to the words and rhythms will hold your ears spellbound.” Dick Metcalf, Contemporary Fusion Reviews

“Laura’s lightly youthful vocal sound is very pleasing, yet there is also an underlying maturity in her understanding of the lyrics she interprets… A very interesting singer whose work will have international appeal.” Bruce Crowther, Jazz Mostly

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