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Laura Campisi Strange Fruit

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The topics of racism, white privilege and white supremacy have always made my heart bleed. I never realized the magnitude and depth of this problem in the United States, the country I love and chose as my home, until last year.


I'll admit that as a person born and raised in Italy, at first I struggled understanding the Black Lives Matter movement, not because I didn't see the validity of it but because I grew up in a system of all whites where discrimination was mostly the one of Northern Italians against us people from the South. It took me some time to better understand American society and the heartbreaking, rampant systemic racism that has pervaded its history. I had a naive view of the United States, I was ignorant and simply didn't know any better. But I do now, and I feel it is my duty as an artist and a member of this society to come up with my two cents - a way of clarifying the true meaning of certain words that I believe to be fundamentally misunderstood among many who resist or even oppose the BLM movement. 


The idea of using such a musical milestone as "Strange Fruit" came to me because I feel it is the more honest way of facing our history. It is haunting and painful, but through the pain I hope a positive message will emerge. This is my bittersweet love letter to the United States: With honesty and compassion, I believe we can learn from our mistakes to truly create a better union for everyone. So this is my attempt to hopefully help others realize what these words mean, and that in order to keep growing as a country we need to face the truth, own it and from there work as hard as we can to make things right.


The video of Strange Fruit was created as a true labor of love. Originally recorded in January, on my smart phone while sitting on the floor in my bedroom, it then became something more when my brother Simone (on video design) and my husband Joe (on sound) joined forces with me to make it something more. I am so grateful that I could share this experience with them and the passion for a cause that means a lot to us. And now, that I can share it with all of you!

Laura Campisi - Vocals, production, text

Joe Carman - Sound Design, mix

Andy Van Dette - Master (single version)

Simone Campisi - Video Design

Pax Paloscia - Cover art

Music by Abel Meeropol and Billie Holiday

Lyrics by Abel Meeropol

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